CaseBox framework and core management

CaseBox is designed to work in SaaS environment, making it easy to run several client instances on the same server. A client instance is called "core", and is represented by a separate MySql database, SOLR core and a data folder on the disk to store files. It's illustrated in the general CaseBox folder structure below: the core1, core2 folders can be seen in several places:

  • /data/files/ (file storage)
  • /data/solr/data (SOLR indexes)
  • /httpsdocs/cores/ (custom PHP, JS code and other core specific files/settings)

Folder structure

CaseBox core: a separate client instance. Several cores can be hosted on one server. Example:

Configuration files

CB /httpsdocs/config.ini

// session persistance != many browser detection
db_host =
db_port = 3306
db_user = username
db_pass = password

solr_host =
solr_port = 8983

; error and server notification messages are sent to this email
admin_email =

; email address used to send notification emails
sender_email =

;default session lifetime in seconds
;specify 0 for unlimited lifetime
;default is 180 min = 3 hours
session.lifetime = 180

Configuration database