FacetedNav tree plugin

,"pluginId": {
  "class": "CB\\TreeNode\\FacetNav"

  ,"pid": 1

  ,"iconCls": "icon-case"
  ,"title_en": "Cases"
  ,"title_ru": "Дела"

  ,"fq": [
    "template_id: 13114"

  // fields defined in 'facet_configs', used to generate subfolders for root node
  ,"level_fields": "assigned, task_status"

  //final results config
  ,"DC": ...

  // facets should be defined in mysql config table in 'facet_configs'
  ,"facets": ["facet1", "facet2"]

  // Enable statistical function for specified fields
  ,"stats": [
      {"field": "invoice"   // a SOLR field
       ,"title_en": "Invoice"
       ,"title_ru": "Счет-фактура"
     ,{"field": "fieldname2"

  // by which column to sort the results
  ,"sort": {

  //view config: grid, charts, pivot, calendar
  ,"view": 'grid'

  //charts example
  ,"view": {
    "type": "charts"
    ,"chart_type": "bar"   // column, pie
    ,"facet": "user_ids"   // one of available facets
    ,"sort": "name"        // name | count
    ,"direction": "desc"
    ,"stats": {
        ... see Pivot view "stats" cfg

  // pivot example (cant afford sorting for pivot views right now)
  ,"view": {
      "type": "pivot"
     ,"pivot_type": "table" // stackedBars, stackedColumns (string or array)

     // by default, enable Stats for a field
     ,"stats": {
         "field": "invoice"
         ,"type": "sum",

     ,"rows": {
        "facet": "color"
        ,"sort": "name"
        ,"direction": "asc"
     ,"cols": {
        "facet": "country"
        ,"sort": "count"
        ,"direction": "desc"

  // display total numer of records per folder
  ,"show_count": true

  // show actual records as the last tree level
  ,"show_in_tree":  true

class PHP class
fq SOLR filter query. Can contain placeholders. Ex: $activeUserId