Not Just a Tool, it’s a Relationship

HURIDOCS offers Casebox hosting, support and training to human rights organisations. From planning to implementation, support and training, we are your partner.

HURIDOCS support for human rights organisations

If you need our assistance, we can provide you with following services to get you up and running with Casebox:

  • Planning the rollout of your information system.
  • Setting up the folders, forms, fields, taxonomies and permissions that you need.
  • Custom logic to support your organisational workflows. Normalising your existing data and migrating it to Casebox. Security measures to use Casebox safely.
  • Hosting your application on our servers in Switzerland, or hosting it yourself.
  • Special-request security measures, such as a VPN Whether you need an onsite support mission or whether support at a distance is sufficient
  • Post-deployment support.

HURIDOCS hosting

HURIDOCS can provide hosting services to human rights organisations who do not have technical capacity to securely host and maintain Casebox themselves, or who prefer to outsource it. Description of our hosting service:

  • Automatic installation of upgrades with new features and patches.
  • Reliable datacenter in Switzerland protected by Swiss data privacy laws (datacenter will only hand over client data upon production of a valid court order from a Swiss court).
  • Data hosted on a dedicated encrypted server.
  • Daily offline backups of database and files on encrypted storage facility (retention policy: daily backups kept for one week, weekly backups kept for one month, monthly backups kept for six months).
  • SSL encryption of all communications with the server (https).
  • Two forms of two-factor authentication: Google Authenticator and Yubikey.
  • Daily scanning of access logs and alerts to clients in case of suspicious incidents such as multiple failed logins.