Introducing Casebox

Casebox is no longer supported

HURIDOCS and Ketse have retired this case management tool.


Casebox was a solution for collaborative litigation management, designed with human rights organizations in mind. Among other features, it allowed for:

  • document and records management
  • task assignment and tracking
  • document preview and editing
  • powerful search with filtering
  • creation of graphs and charts
  • forms with conditional logic

In 2020, we announced the sunset of Casebox, meaning that we no longer maintain or develop the software’s codebase. You can read more about this decision here.

Are you currently using Casebox?

Self-hosted Casebox instances should continue to work. However, we recommend that you transition to another solution, as Casebox will no longer receive updates and could acquire security vulnerabilities in the future.

Casebox alternatives

HURIDOCS’ open-source database application Uwazi can be used in a limited way to manage human rights cases and complaints, and we are actively working to expand its capabilities. Learn more about Uwazi or get in touch.

There are many other case management solutions available today, including AO Docs, Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Case Management, Asana and even Google Drive. Your choice of tool will depend on your specific needs, budget and threat model.